The Central Securities Depository (KCSD) is a key infrastructure organization of Kazakhstan's financial market in the sphere of post-trading services and has been providing services for more than 25 years.

    In Kazakhstan's securities market, KCSD acts as a single center for recording ownership rights to securities, settles all on-exchange and over-the-counter transactions and provides local participants with access to international securities settlement systems.

    KCSD offers depository, registrar and information services to its clients along with maintenance of bank accounts and paying agent services. KCSD is the authorized depository of the National Bank, the Ministry of Finance and local executive authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    KCSD's development is currently focused on improving client services, expanding the range of products and IT transformation to ensure further development of Kazakhstan's stock market.

    Participation in the international community of post-trading organizations, many years of customer experience and a well-established system of interaction with foreign partners ensure a stronger position of KCSD during the integration with international capital markets.

    Today KCSD has established correspondent relations (inter-depository links) with international depositories Clearstream Banking and Euroclear Bank, as well as with the National Settlement Depository of the Russian Federation, central depositories of the Republic of Belarus, of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Armenia.

    Key figures for 2021
    550 thousands +149.2
    Number of holder sub-accounts of holders in the storage system
    413 thousands х16
    The number of investor brokerage accounts opened with KCSD depositors whose assets are accounted for through aggregated omnibus accounts
    US $243.5 billion -1.32%
    Nominal volume of assets of clients in the nominee holding system

    Important events by year